Outstanding CSS Zen Garden page

While at work “working” today, I came across what I feel is arguably the most beautiful design yet for the CSS Zen Garden demonstration site.


Testing from within Fedora Core

I’m posting this entry from within my Fedora Core desktop (on my laptop, to be more precise). It successfully detected my blog via XML-RPC, so I can only assume it’s going to work. I guess you can all just leave some comments about how the formatting is. It feels kinda weird, though…I can’t even see […]


MySQL Server, Apache HTTPD, PHP, & Subversion source configuration & installation

I have my webserver (at the time of this writing, the one on which this blog is posted) configured rather nicely, however, as with everything that accumulates over time, it’s current state is a combination of quite a lot of trial-&-error sessions that would be really hard to duplicate the first time I tried to […]

Development GNU/Linux PHP Subversion Tutorials

FairTest – working against standardized testing

I work at a company that is involved in providing consulting services to K-12 educational organizations (that is, schools). My officemate gets the pleasure of writing & rewriting our testing coding, which basically handles the testing & test scores of students.  Therefore, it should be no surprise (or, well, at least only moderately surprising) that […]



Is there anything Linux can’t do (other than take over the desktop market, that is…*ducks*)? http://www.linuxbios.org/index.php/Main_Page I meant to post this a long time.  I guess I was planning on fleshing out the two lines above a bit more but I decided to go ahead & just post it anyway, just to trim down my […]


Computer temperature

I’ve ordered 4 case fans from Newegg, because ever since I’ve closed-up my case (a gift from an old friend), the noise level is actually higher as the CPU fan is spinning faster to keep it cool now that it’s closed. I figure adding a few larger fans will help keep the internal temperature lower […]


Andrew Tanenbaum’s website

Whilst browsing Slashdot today, I came across a post describing yet-another-computer-science debate. This one in particular is regarding the debate regarding microkernels versus monolithic kernels in operating system design. The players: Andrew Tanenbaum & Linus Torvalds. Torvalds is, of course, the original writer & maintainer of the Linux kernel, while Tanenbaum is the author of […]

Development GNU/Linux

Continuous Integration

I came across a link to this article describing some good development practices & procedures from an announcement on the Tigris project site. I’m posting it up here so I don’t forget about it. I’ll try and offer a better write-up and/or analysis when I get some time (most likely outside of work hours). Feel […]


PHP, PEAR, & Zend Framework coding standards

I’m all for standardization and standardizing procedures for long-term efficiency. However, up until now, where there were no “official” standards for something, I would make up my own or imitate what I thought was the nicest. One place where I’ve done just this was with regards to my coding styles for PHP – I had […]

Development PHP

Implementing PHP Iterators – The Beginning

One of the new features that came with PHP 5 is the ability to implement Iterators. Implementing one of your objects as an iterator essentially allows you to treat it as a standard array. By default, without adding any additional code, you can enable iteration over a regular objects variable members. So, for example, if […]

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Mediawiki 1.6 (& 1.6.1) released

Mediawiki 1.6 has been released! Why is this so important? Why, because both HidayahWiki & Encyclopedia Islam are powered by it! Oh, and I think there is this other site that uses it too…


Fedora Core 5 installed

Well, bliss might be too strong of a word, but running FC5 on my PC is really enjoyable. If only for the new Gnome interface, it would be worth it, but FC5 (and Linux, generally) really is a pleasant experience, though definitely not recommended for mainstream computers users yet without getting a system fully prepped.


Subversion externals property

I discovered this obscure Subversion feature called externals which is just fascinating. Here’s the documentation for it. I’ll save a more detailed description of Subversion for when I discuss version-control systems in greater detail.


Eclipse PHP IDE

Via my MySQL news feed subscription, this post caught my eye. It seems that MySQL AB is joining the Eclipse foundation. However, my attention was quickly drawn to point made in passing reference – there is a formal proposal for an Eclipse PHP IDE Project!


A Twisted Turing Test

While reading blog posts while I should have been working, I came across something that, to me, was funnier than anything I’ve read for the past 2 or 3 months, mostly because of my own experiences.


Zend Framework

My supervisor brought to my attention the Zend Framework – an interesting PHP-powered answer to Ruby-on-Rails.  The Zend Framework seems to espouse the MVC design pattern.  It looks really interesting & is worth another look here shortly.  I’ll follow-up & let you know what I find out.

Development PHP

MyDNS – MySQL (or PgSQL)-powered DNS server

I came across a review for MyDNS – a database-driven DNS server – over on Linux.com.  I’m going to try it out, since it comes with some nice features such as a web-based management page as well as the ability to hand-modify the database records.  Coupled with the fact that it should scale well, this […]


Social networking & online projects

While browsing around at work today, I came across an interesting post on Bradley Horowitz’s blog describing his take on the relative distribution on the “phases of value creation”. I found this post via another post on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog, which I linked to from the links listed at the Google Blog. Rather appropriate for […]



Gnome.org has a brief summary of the new features coming up with their version 2.14 release of the Gnome Desktop Environment (read more about Gnome itself here). I love the new features they have coming up for it, and I am consistently impressed at how clean & elegant-looking its interface is. I just recently installed […]


Upcoming tutorials

There are a plethora of articles about which I would like to write, and I will easily get caught-up and overwhelmed if I don’t at least make some kind of a plan. So, I’m going to write-up a short list of tutorials I plan to be writing soon with the hopes that it will help […]