Seeking Director of Engineering role

I wanted to reach out and leverage my network in pursuit of my next engineering leadership role. The ideal role, and one where I feel I can contribute the most value, would be one that would allow me to leverage my 20 years of web application development in the traditional backend LAMP stack (think PHP-…

GNU Screen Tip #1

I just wanted to share this simple thing I learned about GNU Screen and also get some of my quirkiness out this morning before starting real work. ๐Ÿ˜€

Note to self: check out git-bug, fossil, vimwiki, forgefed, and ActivityPub

It’s no secret that HackerNews is one of my daily (sometimes hourly) reads due to the excellent signal-to-noise ratio and deep hackish nature of many of the contributors.ย  However, even I am a little impressed at the depth of information found in this one discussion.