Subversion externals property

I discovered this obscure Subversion feature called externals which is just fascinating. Here’s the documentation for it. I’ll save a more detailed description of Subversion for when I discuss version-control systems in greater detail.

Eclipse PHP IDE

Via my MySQL news feed subscription, this post caught my eye. It seems that MySQL AB is joining the Eclipse foundation. However, my attention was quickly drawn to point made in passing reference – there is a formal proposal for an Eclipse PHP IDE Project!

A Twisted Turing Test

While reading blog posts while I should have been working, I came across something that, to me, was funnier than anything I’ve read for the past 2 or 3 months, mostly because of my own experiences.

Zend Framework

My supervisor brought to my attention the Zend Framework – an interesting PHP-powered answer to Ruby-on-Rails.  The Zend Framework seems to espouse the MVC design pattern.  It looks really interesting & is worth another look here shortly.  I’ll follow-up & let you know what I find out.