Zend Framework

My supervisor brought to my attention the Zend Framework – an interesting PHP-powered answer to Ruby-on-Rails.  The Zend Framework seems to espouse the MVC design pattern.  It looks really interesting & is worth another look here shortly.  I’ll follow-up & let you know what I find out.

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  1. let me know what you find, i am finally going to start using some sort of mvc approach to php…

    As much as I try to stay away fromit, I think Iwill have to begin coding a lot more..

  2. Abu Hurayrah says:

    The thing about web-development frameworks is that anyone that does a lot of web-development ends-up seeing the same patterns emerging again-&-again. These frameworks are, essentially, attempts at resolving these issues and keeping people from rewriting basically the same code over-&-over again.

    Reminds me of all our discussions back in the early Conquer days about the Three-Tier approach to development. MVC is very similar in intention, but in implementation it’s different.

    I noticed you gave special attention to this – is it because it’s coming from Zend? ; )

  3. No, more so that you were trying it, and im just looking to ‘copy someone’

    Ive been looking at doing something mvc style for a bit now… just need to free up some time.

  4. Abu Hurayrah says:

    That’s what I meant. Since Zend, “a reputable company” is doing it, you’re interest is piqued. Not the same as if, say, one of your own developers would suggest something similar…: -p

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