Basil Mohamed Gohar

My name is Basil Mohamed Gohar.  Welcome to my home on the web.  🙂

The Short

(other than my height)

I am a Muslim, a loving & devoted father to five and husband to one, and a geek.

The Medium

Professionally, I am a technical leader, senior engineering manager, and director of engineering who has been working in web development since 2004.  Peruse my resume.

In 2005 I started as a Data Developer at eSchool Consultants.  I became the Director of Data Services in 2012.  I accepted a position at the Ohio Supercomputer Center in 2014 as the Manager of Web & Interface Applications.  In 2018 I moved on to become the Director of Software Engineering at MavenView (Super-H Analytics when I first started).

As for my community involvement, I was the President of the Board of Directors of Omar Ibn El-Khattab Mosque (a.k.a., “Masjid Omar”) from 2012-2018.  I was also the Ameer of AlMaghrib Institute in Columbus Ohio (i.e., “Qabeelat Hayl”) from about 2005–2007.  I then founded and lead Columbus Dawah from 2007 and, technically, still in charge of that (good luck finding it, though!).  From 2002–2004 I was the president of The Ohio State University Muslim Students’ Association.

I am the “founder” of HidayahTech, which is the branding for all my tech-related consulting I have done over the years.

I am an avid geek, programmer, and free software advocate and enthusiast.  I am a devoted Fedora user and I am actively involved (at times more and other times less) with the Foundation.  I am also the founder and primary author of LibreVideo.

The Long

Read the rest of my blog.  😉

4 Comments to “Basil Mohamed Gohar”

  1. Ryan Reisiger says:

    So tell me about Hidayah Online Mr. Basil Mohamed Gohar.

  2. John Paul Saikali says:

    Could you please fix LibreVideo? I’m getting a “404 Not Found” error when I try to access it.

    1. Basil says:

      I really should! I’m sorry for letting it languish so long. Hopefully I can set aside some time this weekend. Thank you for bringing it back to my attention again, though.

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