December 11, 2023 Global Strike for Gaza #strikeforgaza

Like many others today, I am participating in the Global Strike for Gaza (#StrikeForGaza) particularly in response to the United States of America’s despicable veto of a U.N. resolution demanding a humanitarian ceasefire in Israel’s war against Palestinian civilians.

Seeking Director of Engineering role

I wanted to reach out and leverage my network in pursuit of my next engineering leadership role. The ideal role, and one where I feel I can contribute the most value, would be one that would allow me to leverage my 20 years of web application development in the traditional backend LAMP stack (think PHP-…

GNU Screen Tip #1

I just wanted to share this simple thing I learned about GNU Screen and also get some of my quirkiness out this morning before starting real work. 😀

How not to send service outage status updates

I woke up this morning to Intuit’s status alerts blowing-up my phone due to a severely large number of service outages related to their developer portal. After the 20th-or-so notice within a few minutes, I figured I should have gotten the message…

WhatsApp & Opus

Despite many sites espousing WhatsApp and its usage of Opus for audio messages, I am unable to actually send an Opus file through WhatsApp that is playable within the app itself.

It’s time to replace GIFs with AV1 video!

Over at #aomedia on FreeNode, I saw a link (above) posted to this neat blog showing the effectiveness of replacing animated GIFs with AV1 videos. While the general idea of using true video formats to replace short GIF animations has been implemented, with the industry support for AV1 and its clear superiority over other existing…

Note to self: check out git-bug, fossil, vimwiki, forgefed, and ActivityPub

It’s no secret that HackerNews is one of my daily (sometimes hourly) reads due to the excellent signal-to-noise ratio and deep hackish nature of many of the contributors.  However, even I am a little impressed at the depth of information found in this one discussion.

Trying out the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress

The latest update to WordPress comes with the addition of a new, experimental editor appropriately entitled Gutenberg. It brings with it the concepts of blocks which brings a sense of structure and modularity to your blog posts as opposed to a single monolithic chunk of editorial.

Moodle 2.0 released!

Alḥamdulillāh, Moodle 2.0 has been released! This is important for a lot of reasons, amongst them being that I work with Moodle on a day-to-day basis in my daytime job, and I use it on some of my own sites.  However, most important is the fact that Moodle provides a platform for education that is…