Trying out the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress

Trying out the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress

The latest update to WordPress comes with the addition of a new, experimental editor appropriately entitled Gutenberg.  It brings with it the concepts of blocks which brings a sense of structure and modularity to your blog posts as opposed to a single monolithic chunk of editorial.

Blocks, such as this one, can be one of several different types.  This one is a paragraph block.

An image block is another type, which lets you feature an image and add a caption to.

A heading block lets you…well…insert a heading, I guess!

A heading block is an ideal item for organizing your longer articles with sections and subsections.

And if one image is not enough, you can make a gallery block!

And if someone says something inspiring, you can quote them.

Basil Mohamed Gohar, HidayahTech, 2018

So, that’s a brief walkthrough of the features of the new, experimental Gutenberg editor that comes with WordPress 4.9.8.  Happy blogging!

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