Seeking Director of Engineering role

Seeking Director of Engineering role

I wanted to reach out and leverage my network in pursuit of my next engineering leadership role. The ideal role, and one where I feel I can contribute the most value, would be one that would allow me to leverage my 20 years of web application development in the traditional backend LAMP stack (think PHP- and MySQL-powered web applications) as well as my experience with the Moodle LMS (as well as derivatives, such as Totara), the Laravel web framework, and general Linux system and server administration.

Additionally, I would be a great fit for growing and training a nascent or established engineering team consisting of software and quality assurance engineers as well as business analysts and designers through my servant leadership methodology.

I’d love a role that would allow me to get my hands dirty and code from time to time as well, in addition to training and mentoring my team into more senior positions.

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