Retailers – don’t make it hard to checkout!

Retailers – don’t make it hard to checkout!

I know that online retailers are struggling to maintain profitability with ever-increasing competition, but when a retailer makes their core goal – selling their products to their customers – harder, then they are making the number one mistake.

Case in point, I wanted to check-out from Newegg.  This is what I was able to see from the shopping-cart:

Notice something missing?

I can see the products I’ve picked-out, I see that I can add some extended warranties to the products I’ve picked-out, and I can choose to sign-up for some additional program to save money, but on my 2048×1152 screen still somewhat average or higher than average screen, I cannot see an option to just checkout, and, you know, actually give them my money!

Find ten things wrong with this

Looking at the whole site, I have to scroll my browser window quite a bit past three unwanted offers before actually finding the somewhat demurely nestled “Secure Checkout” option I was looking for.

I realize that profits are low in retail, and online retail even more so.  But when you actually make it hard to buy what I came to purchase, and keep trying to upsell me on things I don’t want, no matter how profitable to you, it will end-up hurting you in the long run.

I love Newegg, and I’ve been a loyal customer for over close to two decades (as I get older, I start to realize a decade is no longer that long ago!).  My first order was my beloved ATI (remember when it existed as its own company) All-in-Wonder Radeon 8500DV for $302 in 2002.  But that loyalty was earned through years of positive experience that can evaporate quickly if their quality of service descends down this predictable and user-hostile path.

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