December 11, 2023 Global Strike for Gaza #strikeforgaza

December 11, 2023 Global Strike for Gaza #strikeforgaza

Like many others today, I am participating in the Global Strike for Gaza (#StrikeForGaza) particularly in response to the United States of America’s despicable veto of a U.N. resolution demanding a humanitarian ceasefire in Israel’s war against Palestinian civilians.

I have called off from work and will be abstaining from any online or in-person business and staying home.

I am participating as well because the so-called “war to eradicate Hamas”, as Benjamin Netanyahu has called it, has devolved into a war on Palestinian civilians resulting in the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from the already dismal conditions found in the tiny Gaza strip. More to the point, the Israeli government and officials have made it their official policy to target civilians, raising the current conflict to one of genocide.

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