Fedora Core 6 announced

Fedora Core 6 final has been released, and torrents are up! You can read the announcement, see the release summary, or just go straight to the torrent page. This release is called Zod, but we can forgive them for that, because amongst other things, this release should have Eclipse 3.2, which means I can finally run Zend’s PHP-IDE based on Eclipse, in shaa Allaah. Another major change includes the upgrade to Gnome 2.16, which, as always, brings some nice evolutionary changes.

I actually have both the Hidayah Online as well as the Audio Islam server connected to the torrents for the x86_64 DVD ISOs, and I’ll leave them seeding for as long as I can once they complete. As it stands now, both should be completed by the time I get home tonight, in shaa Allaah. Once they’re both seeding, it will mean I am contributing a maximum of 30Mbps of bandwidth to a total of 160 peers. You’re welcome. πŸ˜€

2 Comments to “Fedora Core 6 announced”

  1. daplot says:

    use ubuntu, its quite popular… or if you like to do stuff yourself, use gentoo like me πŸ™‚

  2. Abu Hurayrah says:

    I tried out Gentoo, but I couldn’t get Gnome running – granted, I didn’t try too hard, either. I’ve also been meaning to give Ubuntu a try as well, but Fedora was just so dang easy to get going. I actually purchased the parts to put together a second computer so I could play with different Linux distros, but the motherboard on the 1st PC fried, so I’m still stuck with only one PC!!! πŸ™

    So, I’ll stick with Fedora as my main Linux distro, and then when I get a chance to replace my old motherboard, or put together an extra PC, I’ll go ahead and try some extra Linuces, in shaa Allaah.

    Another slight reason I prefer Fedora over other distros is because I run RHEL3 on Hidayah Online & RHEL4 on Audio Islam, so having a Redhat distro at least provides some level of OS parity with my online servers…a weak reason, I know, but it’s helped out more than once to have a similar system to test on first. Granted, CentOS would be a much better option for mimicking RHEL4, I also want to play when I’m at home. : -D

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