Installing Gentoo…again

In light of, literally, recent comments, I’ve decided to take a shot at installing Gentoo once again (I can already imagine one person cheering…). One thing that you have to admit is that Gentoo has outstanding documentation. Additionally, the idea of compiling nearly everything from souce, which may seem tedious to some, just seems natural to me – after all, practically all software starts out as source code at some point. And, since I usually have to step away from my computer for hours at a time, long recompile times for new software doesn’t really bother me. The best part is that Portage, Gentoo’s software management repository, seems to be amongst the most up-to-date of all of ’em, so this means I can almost always be running the most recent, stable version of applications, which is how I generally like it.

As it stands now, I’m waiting for a stage3 Portage snapshot to finish extracting, and I’ll proceed from there. Additionally, I chose ReiserFS 3 as my filesystem – I wonder if this will come back to haunt me later…

3 Comments to “Installing Gentoo…again”

  1. ahmedre says:

    salaam 3alaikum –
    horray! at last you see the light! 🙂 also, don’t forget an amazing wiki and some amazing forums. portage rocks! especially when you run ~amd64 or ~x86 : (also known as “asking for trouble :p”).

    i’ve been running ext3 for a long while now and have had no problems with it, its been a while since i tried reiser… isn’t there a reiser4 now?


  2. Abu Hurayrah says:

    Reiser4 isn’t included with any kernels yet, I think, and Reiser3 seems to be well-tested. Right now I’ve just finished compiling in my network card support (apparently I picked the wrong device driver…).

  3. Abu Hurayrah says:

    Well, I chickened out. I ran into the same problem I had before regarding getting X up-and-running…so I installed Fedora 7 Test 1 on the same system…sigh…I’m so weak.

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