Upgrades & Updates

Alhamdulillah, it appears as though my upgrade to 2.1 went well.  I guess I should probably start upgrading my other wordpress sites.  One more thing I noticed, is that nested lists seem to be working perfectly in the newly revamped visual editor.  This upgrade seems well worth it.

One other minor modification I recently made was the change from the leopard that used to be pictured up at the top in my current theme to something more abstract and non-living. Here’s a snapshot:

New profile logo

It actually started out as an attempt to make a stylized “H” logo (“H” for the Hidayah in HidayahTech – the same kind of idea for the favicon currently on Hidayah Online, only more abstract [did I just use the word “abstract” in two consecutive posts? I think I did…]). When I had made the vertical part of the “H” I was planning on using in Inkscape, I copied-and-pasted a duplicate on itself, and flipped it around 180 degrees. After added a simple gradient to it and redoing the flipping, I more-or-less got what you see above. I like it, at least, and since this is my blog, that’s all that matters!

Other than that, there hasn’t been too many other changes to the site. I still have a huge backlog of incomplete posts in my posting queue waiting for me to make them somehow interesting. I’ll see what I can do to push some of the more interesting ones out.

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