XML Applications

I’m very pro-XML, so I wanted to compile a simple list of interesting applications of XML that can be useful. This is all part of my perpetual grand-unification CMS that I always say I’m working on. Amongst other things, it will leverage as much XML as possible, since its core rendering will be using PHP’s […]


Now taking tutorial requests

One of the goals of HidayahTech is to share what little technical knowledge I have with my visitors in the form of easy-to-follow & comprehensive tutorials. So, if you’d like to request a tutorial, please leave a comment to this post with the nature of your request. I’ll start you off with some options: PHP […]


Welcome to HidayahTech

After a rough start (still working on the Tawheed Collective), I’ve decided that it’s okay to have two blogs.  The focus of HidayahTech, if you haven’t gathered from the name, is on technology – but there will also be spatterings of science, and general posts as well. Now that I’ve got it looking the way […]