Outstanding CSS Zen Garden page

While at work “working” today, I came across what I feel is arguably the most beautiful design yet for the CSS Zen Garden demonstration site.

It may not be immediately obvious, but I am a staunch advocate of standards compliance, the semantic web, & the separation of content from presentation. The most vivid examples of all three of these is utilizing XHTML to semantically markup what it is you wish to present, share, or demonstrate, while utilizing CSS to style it. Properly implemented, these concepts will yield:

  • Low maintenance websites & pages
  • Vastly easier restyling in the future
  • Sites that are much more optimized for search engines
  • Greater accessibility for alternative media formats (screen, print, audio)
  • Warm-fuzzy feelings knowing you’ve designed for the future, rather than the here-&-now

I have a few articles queued-up in my ever-lengthening post backlog that address several of the issues mentioned above (some more obviously related than others). Maybe some comments might pull me out of my production slump (work-induced, I assure you) and get me back on track. ; )

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