The server itch is back

Before I begin, let me say that my current hosting setup with The Planet is extremely satisfactory, alhamdulillaah.  I have two servers (referenced here & here), one (Hidayah Online) with a monthly bandwidth cap 1500GB (very high, given the 10Mbit pipe), and the other (Audio Islam) with a 20Mbit/s unmetered connection (much more expensive, but necessary given the nature of the site).

However, I have been itching for another server, if nothing else to but to try out some new administration plans I have.  And this caught my eye.

(Yes, that’s all I wanted to say…)

2 Comments to “The server itch is back”

  1. are says:

    salams –
    wow… looks *very* nice… 100 mbps connection at that price is awesome! i was thinking about looking into amazon s3 for some of the more popular files rather than getting another server…

    any thoughts on that?

  2. Abu Hurayrah says:

    Even The Planet gives you a 100Mbps connection for just $10/month extra…at least, they used to.

    I don’t know anything about Amazon S3…and having a server means you can do, more or less, anything, and not be limited to one type of service. For example, with dedicated servers, I can run IceCast2 for streaming audio.

    Of course, there’s the little matter of money…

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