PHP 5.2.1 upgrade + Gallery2 installation

The two aren’t really related, but they happened at the same time, so why not blog about both? I had been meaning to upgrade my server’s installation to the latest version of PHP for a while (well, about since I’d heard of the new release, to be precise). I’ve also wanted to install a web app that would be a great place to upload miscellanous files, mostly multimedia. Turns out Gallery2 is ideal for this.

So I installed Gallery2 2.2 RC1, which I figure will be easier to upgrade to the final release candidate over the previous stable version (we’ll see how right I am soon enough). Let me just say, Gallery2 is one spiffy piece of software, maa shaa Allaah. I am assuredly impressed. The only concern is, if you’re going to use the GD graphics toolkit (which I did), be prepare to alter your PHP settings to accommodate Gallery2’s ravenous appetite for RAM while doing image manipulation operations, such as generating resizing imagines, rotating them, or generating thumbnails. I’ve actually bumped my PHP installation memory limit to 128MB, which seems to be enough for now. I am actually uploading the full-size images, which I’m sure I cannot continue limitlessly, but it’s okay for a start, I suppose.

You can find my installation here:

Right now, it only has some very shoddy pics of two recent snowfalls (including one severe case of icing) as well as an album dedicated to the seemingly eternal task of cleaning up my room. It’s a work in a progress…

In the long term, I hope to post various photos, downloads, bits of art, and anything else I feel is worth sharing over time that doesn’t fit on my blog. Enjoy!

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