XML Applications

I’m very pro-XML, so I wanted to compile a simple list of interesting applications of XML that can be useful. This is all part of my perpetual grand-unification CMS that I always say I’m working on. Amongst other things, it will leverage as much XML as possible, since its core rendering will be using PHP’s DOM XML capabilities.

As I discover and/or remember additional interesting applications for XML, I’ll try and update this list a bit. There are literally hundreds to thousands of XML applications, but this list is meant to be limited to the ones I can leverage in my own projects. In the future, I might write up some more in-depth articles regarding these technologies, how they can be used, how I will use them, etc.

If you can think of any additional, interesting applications for XML that can be leverage in a web-based CMS powered by XML or you just plain think is worth mentioning, then by all means, leave us a comment.

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