Trying out drivel

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

I’m trying out Drivel, which is a blogging client that comes with Fedora. Due to the recent lack of updates to my blog while I’ve been abroad, I’ve realized that I need an easier way to get some of the quicker updates posted more easily. So, we’ll try out some of these desktop clients for WordPress and see how they fair.

Here’s an impromptu review:

  • Good
    • Simple interface
    • Highlights HTML cleanly (like gedit)
    • Allows selection of category (but see limitation below
    • Integrated spell-checking
  • Not so good
    • Does not have many GUI options for formatting (e.g., no alignment tools)
    • Only allows selection of one category
    • Cannot upload files
    • No native support for WordPress

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