Blogging with BloGTK

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

So now I’m trying with BloGTK.

Review points:

  • Good
    • Has a GUI for text alignment
    • Supports category selection for post (but see below)
  • Not so good
    • Does not support WordPress natively
    • Does not support multiple categories per post
    • No HTML highlighting in posts
    • No inline spell-checking

So, between Drivel & BloGTK, Drivel edges out to the first, but it is still far from being a complete solution. Does anyone else have suggestions for free software solutions to desktop clients for blogging software, specifically WordPress? Thanks!

Note: In both cases (Drivel & BloGTK) I had to do some HTML clean-up inside of WordPress.  I also accidentally selected “Astronomy” as my category for the post with BloGTK – I actually didn’t selected any category, and that is the first one in the list.  I’ll take the blame for that.

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