Fedora 9 is gold!

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Alhamdulillaah, Fedora 9 is officially released! At least, the official torrents are available. The main site doesn’t seem to be updated yet, but then again, it’s not 10 AM, either. I’m grabbing the x86_64 DVD build on one server and the i386 on the other, so I hope to be seeding by midday.

Update: The Fedora Project site now reflects the release.  I should really be getting back to work now…

5 Comments to “Fedora 9 is gold!”

  1. Kelvin says:

    Can you download using torrent? I seems to have a problem, the host not fund.

  2. Basil says:


    I was able to connect from both of my servers without any problems. Perhaps it is due to the high initial demand once the news spread that they were available. Just keep trying. Both of my servers are running just fine now, so if you can get connected, you shouldn’t have any trouble staying connected.

    If you’re just downloading for yourself and you have a previous release of Fedora 9 (e.g., Beta or Preview), you can also use jigdo to download just the parts that you need.

    http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora (see the jigdo links to the right)

    Read my previous post for more information about jigdo, as well.

  3. Kelvin says:

    Ok thanks! I get it now.

  4. AlBaraa says:

    A question comes to mind is….how well will fedora hold up to industry standard media software.

    My main uses for the computer are for video post-production and graphic design (Adobe Production Suite CS3). I wonder how well it would handle avid software.

    As bad as vista maybe, I know that the post-production software will run solid on a fully loaded system (6-8GB ram, 4-6TB HD space, HD render card from matrox, intel quad core processers) — I’ll be upgrading to his in less than 6 months inshaAllah 🙂

  5. Basil says:


    To answer your question, for starters, I do not think Adobe Production Suite CS3 will run under Fedora or any other GNU/Linux distribution, and even if it did, it would likely perform quite poorly as it would likely be run under some form of emulation, such as through WINE.

    If, however, you’re willing to learn some new tools, as I am doing now, you can probably achieve 80% of what you want under a GNU/Linux distribution such as Fedora. There is still a lot of work that is left to be done in this area with free software, which is why I’m diving head-first myself into it, using both GUI as well as command-line tools, so that I can both be able to produce high-quality media using only free software while at the same time also help in improving the general situation of content creation using the same free software.

    As for handling hardware, GNU/Linux-based systems are well-known for their incredible support for high-end hardware systems, including machines with loads of RAM & hard drive space, while at the same time the hardware requirements of the actual operating system are generally lower than the proprietary ones (e.g., Windows, Mac OS).

    However, in a future post I will go more into details about why free software is superior to proprietary software, and why I am such a supporter of both the software itself as well as the “free” philosophy, in shaaʾ Allaah.

    I’m not entirely sure that that has answered your question to your satisfaction…

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