GNOME 2.14 & AIGLX has a brief summary of the new features coming up with their version 2.14 release of the Gnome Desktop Environment (read more about Gnome itself here). I love the new features they have coming up for it, and I am consistently impressed at how clean & elegant-looking its interface is. I just recently installed Fedora Core 4 on my desktop in a dual-boot system, and I found it to be so refreshing after using Windows XP for the past several years. The Linux desktop has so many features, widgets, & tools that simply blow away Windows, thanks to the open-source nature of Linux and its related tools.

On a similar note, I picked up some interesting news off of Slashdot regarding Fedora Core’s AIGLX, which is, more-or-less, an integration between the X window system & the OpenGL 3D rendering language. What’s even more interesting is that it will first become available in the upcoming Fedora Core 5 release. I am looking forward to see what some clever developers can do with the new features enabled by this synergy.

(Those two news bits are not exactly related – I just read about both of them today, so I wanted to blog about both in one post.)

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