International Year of Astronomy 2009

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day featured an announcement for the International Year of Astronomy.  This alone would be noteworthy enough, but they also have a downloadable trailer (warning: contains some music, but it’s not prominent until the end).  This is great for geeks, and especially video geeks like Belal & me (him much more than me, of course).

Best of all, the content on the website is licensed under a Creative Commons license (albeit, including the non-commercial restriction, which is the worst of the available standard CC licenses).

The Analemma Project

A recent APOD entry showed a simulated photograph of the relative path of the Sun in the Martian sky, a phenomonon known as an analemma. On another entry linked from the first, I found yet another link to a site called The Analemma Project. This is a fascinating article describing one student’s attempt to create his own analemma photograph. What is so fascinating about it is that he describes the entire procedure, step-by-step. It’s enough to make one want to try and attempt it oneself!