Remember we have more than one kind of health we need to protect

Remember we have more than one kind of health we need to protect

The emotion for this post is inspiration.

Watch me fail to avoid humblebragging in this post.

I took a jog this morning.

GPS track of my walk this morning

It’s not the longest walk in the world nor the most inspiring, but I did it, and for me, that’s the accomplishment. Everyone has their own challenges, and for me, getting out of the house enough is one of mine. I think many of us can relate in the same way.

We are all facing different challenges during the pandemic lockdown, and it’s important that we also don’t forget about other, also important things. While we face the major issues, let’s not forget our health, our families, and others. Try to set aside time for what’s important to you.

On top of the walk itself, it boosted my own motivation and mood. I’ll be the first to admit that my attitude has been relatively negative given the circumstances around the pandemic.

So, long story short, while watching-out for our physical health, don’t forget to look out for our mental health. 😀

Selfie of Basil during a morning walk near his home
May you have a wonderful, healthy, and happy time!

Update: Please be mindful of all health and safety concerns. I was able to take my walk while maintaining social distancing guidelines. In fact, there was no one else out when I went walking. To be clear, had I expected to interact with anyone, I would have worn a mask.

I strongly advise everyone to continue to maintain the best practices as advised by our health experts and professionals.

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