HidayahTech is no longer just a dream!

I’ve been dreaming of running my own company for decades. And all that time, I’ve known exactly what it’s name would be. And finally, after all these years, it’s happened!

Well, technically, it happened back in March (or sometime between now and then, in a legal sense), but there’s no doubt that it’s real, and I’ve been making real money doing it, no less, alhamdulillaah!

What is HidayahTech, exactly? We’re a technology consulting firm. But more to the point, it’s a formal way to finally put my talents, experience, and skills directly to work for my clients without any other intermediaries.

One of the motivations that drove me in this direction is that as I’ve moved between jobs (sometimes by choice, sometimes not), getting the next job always proved to be more challenging. This is made all the more difficult in the fact that my skillset covers a broad swath of areas, is quite deep in some places, and also can be somewhat esoteric. Folks looking to hire someone for a specific position find that I am very experienced in a lot of things, but sometimes lacking in the specific thing they’re looking for, or they are not filling a role I find particularly fulfilling. And as more time goes by, I get more dissatisfied with what I am finding.

So, I decided to make it my problem, and not some recruiter’s or hiring manager’s. I was blessed to receive first one client, and then another shortly after that, and I have some more potentially waiting in the wings. I have found I am far more content at this time to deal with all aspects of the client relationship, from initial engagement, through to requirements gathering, designing a solution, and finally to developing and delivering the solution to their satisfaction.

This is almost never the case when you work for another company. I am also painfully aware that if this continues, I will have to let go of some of these processes, but at least I can have a hand in it and, hopefully, establish the norms of how I believe customer service should be, end-to-end. Then perhaps, sometime in the not too distant future, I will get to deal with how to instill these cultural values in other people.

So, I expect to be writing a lot more about this, but I guess this is as good as any to get the idea out. 🙂

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