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Canon 120MXS 120MP CMOS Sensor

I used to get unequivocally excited about technology like this, but with all the dark, Orwellian prospects of how this tech can and often is used, my excitement is somewhat tempered by a dosage of concern.  Even in the video, they highlight using this for surveillance explicitly as one of the main advantages.

Now, of course, surveillance on its own is not inherently evil.  However, one cannot help but have cautious optimism with the advent of technology that enables deeper and far more pervasive monitoring of people without their knowledge, consent, or perhaps most importantly, full understanding of the usage of it.

I will not, of course, be so ignorant as to presume that this is not already happening, but I feel an abundant dosage of skepticism and concern for the usage of technology as it pertains to individuals’ rights and freedom is healthy, especially as I grow older and recognize the dark patterns of pervasive monitoring more-and-more.

But, having said and not trying to trivialize it, that depth and clarity of the watch movement was amazing!

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