DSLRs and RAW image format

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

A came across an interesting post, albeit a few years old, discussing the RAW image format on the Nikon N70. I came across that link while reading a post about Hack Week at Novell on the Planet GNOME blog aggregator. It piqued my interested because I have been looking at getting a DSLR camera for over a year now, but I’ve never settled on buying one mostly due to attempting to be prudent about my money.

The particular post was discussing RAW image support in libopenraw. The short of it is that apparently the Nikon N70 does not completely faithfully preserve all the data within its RAW images, which goes against one of the fundamental principles of using a RAW image format – namely, to capture the raw data from the image sensor, uncompressed (or, at the very most, losslessly compressed) so that you can process it yourself far more extensively than the camera does when it produces normal JPEG images.

I guess knowing about some of these caveats is important before I sink close to $1,000 into a piece of equipment. It seems my favored brand, Canon, has no such accusations…as of yet.

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