Fedora Core 5 installed

Well, bliss might be too strong of a word, but running FC5 on my PC is really enjoyable. If only for the new Gnome interface, it would be worth it, but FC5 (and Linux, generally) really is a pleasant experience, though definitely not recommended for mainstream computers users yet without getting a system fully prepped.

Part of the complications come about because I’ve installed the x86-64 version, since I’m running an Athlon 64 3000+. Of course, just having all 64-bit software running is wonderful, though I’m not prepared to say everything is running faster. I blame this primarily on the lack of 64-bit drivers for my video card, so it’s not actually the applications themselves that are running slow, but rather, the display of them. This bug report over the Livna repository is keeping track of the situation.

I’m still actually install software and getting all kinds of things going, and just getting used to the whole Linux experience. I’m pretty convinced that I want to move to Linux fulltime, but I need to evaluate a lot more before I’m secure with relegating WinXP to “games only” duty.

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