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My first Fedora

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem Alhamdulillaah, to my pleasant surprise, I discovered that I started using Fedora personally with Fedora Core 4, and not 5 like I had previously thought.  This makes me feel better as I’m glad I started using Fedora earlier, because I like to think I recognized the importance of a completely (or as close as possible) free operating…

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Classic Gaming – BBS Doors/Games

Basil / October 22, 2006

Procomm Plus Terminal *beeeeeeee-tshshhhhhhh-khkhkhkkhkhkh* Connected at 9600 bps to Pyro VBBS I can only wonder how many times the above (or whatever the equivalent was…my memory is fuzzy, at best) information flashed on my family’s Casper 14-inch monitor in the early 1990s (of course, back then, it would have just been “90s”, when we were young & ignorant of such…

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