WPA Wireless, Fedora Core 6, & Intel 2915ABG

After a long series of well-meaning but misleading tutorials, Google searchs, and finally, just plain-old reading, I’ve been granted success at connecting seemlessly to my WPA wireless network at home with an ease that rivals Windows’ own wireless setup (that may not be as flattering as my wording has lead you to imply…), alhamdulillaah.

Fedora Core 6 & ATi Radeon x1600 AGP finally working

Alhamdulillaah, through some diligent searching and more than a few unnecessary steps, I was able to get my not-bottom-of-the-line ATi Radeon x1600 AGP video card working reasonably well on Fedora Core 6. Sadly, this series of discoveries happened after I had decided to resort to a complete wipe/reinstallation. However, the decision to hose the old…